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Megan Majchrowicz, President


Hi! My name is Megan Majchrowicz.  I am the proud mother of Isabella and Ian.  Isabella will be in 4th Grade and Ian is in preschool. I am a full-time working mommy and wife of 12 years.  I have spent a considerable amount of my free time volunteering at Butler School. Over the past two years, I have volunteered at the Daddy Daughter Dance, several Scholastic Book Fairs, various classroom parties and Monet with Mom.  Additionally, I have kept very busy with Staff Appreciation all year long. I am also a volunteer cheerleading coach for the Lockport Jr. Porters, and I have so much fun with the girls!  To me, volunteering is very rewarding, and it allows me to help make “Butler” the BEST experience for all our kiddos.  We have an amazing staff at Butler dedicated to our little ones and their families.  Serving on the PTO allows me the opportunity to give back and help make Butler even better! I am excited for the opportunity to serve as Butler School’s President, and I am looking forward to spending more time getting to know the students, parents and teachers!  I look forward to continuing the traditions that make Butler School so GREAT!

Candace Pehas, Vice President


Hi! My name is Candace Pehas and I have two children, Ayden and Ryan.  Ayden is in 4th Grade and Ryan is in 3rd Grade.  I was a Kindergarten Teacher for 12 years before I decided to stay home with my boys. I have loved working with the Butler staff, teachers, parents and students these last three years. This will be my second term as the Vice President on the PTO board, and I am grateful to return again to serve you. Some of the projects I have spent my time volunteering on have included the Spelling Challenge, Santa's Workshop, several Book Fairs, classroom parties and Staff Appreciation. This year, I have also been an Art Mom, which I love! Butler School is an amazing school with dedicated teachers and staff.  Again, I am excited for the opportunity to be Vice President and to help create a fun, welcoming environment for our children and their families!

Shannon Piscotto, Secretary

I have been married to my husband Anthony for 13 years and I have one child. Anthony Jr., who will be in 4th grade this year. I am a full time working mom at United Airlines’ Corporate Headquarters at Willis Tower in Downtown Chicago.  I have delivered and assembled  hundreds of Boo, Holiday, Valentine, PARCC, and Mystery Egg Grams. The grams have had a very successful year as each gram had no less than 200 recipients.

In my “spare” time I also volunteer as the statistics manager and team mom for my son’s baseball team, as well as held the Communications Director position during the 2017 Season of Lockport Jr. Porters. I also Co-Chaired events such as the Konow’s Halloween Event, Dueling for Butler, and the upcoming End of the Year Carnival (formerly the Butler Block Party). I try to spend as much time as possible at school by manning the Spirit Table at events such as Fall Family Night, Art Night, as well as the multiple Lunchtime Spirit Sales that took place throughout the year during the student’s lunch time.

My job at United has given me extensive organizational skills, computer aptitude, as well as spelling and grammatical knowledge which I believe will give me everything I need to be an excellent candidate for the Secretary on the William J. Butler PTO Executive Board. I look forward to serving under the incumbent President and Vice President for the 2018-2019 school year, with their leadership, I am CERTAIN my child’s final year at Butler will be the best yet!


Mary Gliwa, Treasurer


Mary Gliwa is our 2018-2019 PTO Treasurer. Mary is the mother of Jack, 2nd grade, as well as Kaitlin, Grace and AJ, all former Homer 33C students. This is Mary's 1st year serving on Butlers PTO, but brings with her 15 years of volunteering in our district, along with 2 years of serving as treasurer on the Homer District 33C PTO.  

Mary is excited to be back at Butler helping serve our students as well as the amazing teachers and staff.  


Katie Eaton, Financial Secretary


My name is Katie Eaton, and I am excited to hold the position of Butler PTO’s Financial Secretary for the 2018-2019 school year. My husband, Joe, and I have lived in Lockport for 15 years. We have three children: Sarah, who will be in 6th grade; Joey, who will be in 4th grade; and David who will be in 3rd grade. As a stay-at-home mom, I have had the opportunity to volunteer at Butler through room parties, book fairs, and various other PTO events.  I am also currently the 2nd Grade Coordinator for Butler’s Art Appreciation Program.  Extracurricularly, I am also a Girl Scout Leader for my daughter Sarah’s troop. Through these events and programs I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of Butler’s parents, teachers and staff. With my position on Butler’s PTO Executive Board, I hope to help continue to give the students an awesome experience at Butler School.

Katie Wachter, Hospitality Coordinator


Hi, my name is Katie Wachter and I’m running for the Hospitality Co-Chair for the Butler PTO.

My husband and I have lived in Lockport for 10 years and are the proud parents of Noah (heading into 3rd grade) and Emma (about to start 1st grade). We are thrilled to have both of our children at Butler next year!

For the past three years, I have volunteered at Butler, Schilling, and Young. I was previously on the Schilling PTO Board as a Kindergarten Coordinator. I have also volunteered for art at all three schools, helped in the libraries, done classroom parties, worked at book fairs and holiday shops, and helped with Staff Appreciation. I love being a part of the schools and being able to see the kids and teachers whenever I can.


Kirsten Primozic, Activity Coordinator


My name is Kirsten Primozic, and I happy to hold the position of Activity Coordinator on Butler’s PTO Executive Board.  My husband and I have been living in Lockport for over ten years.  Together, we have two boys; Nico- who is 7 years old, and starting 2nd grade, and Cameron who is 5 years old.  I am a stay-at-home mom, but I work part-time for a company that works with schools and charitable organizations to organize their fundraising events.  This past school year, I was also the Kindergarten Representative on the Luther J. Schilling PTO Executive Board.  Prior to having children, I was a Senior Research Microscopist for eight years, and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work closely with Forensic Scientists on methods for evidence collection.  In addition, I was also given the opportunity to teach at the Hooke College of Applied Sciences, where I taught classes to the National Guard and Forensic Scientists from around the world.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a voice for our children, and to ensure that they are getting the most out of their educational experiences here at Butler School.


Nicole Deschaaf

Hello! My name is Nicole DeSchaaf, and I am looking forward to holding the position of Co-Hospitality Coordinator on the 2018-19 PTO Butler Executive Board. My husband, Kevin, and I have been living in Lockport for 17 years, and are the proud parents of two daughters. Our oldest, Grace, will be in sixth grade next year, and Isabella will be starting third grade. I was a fifth-grade teacher in Lockport for 11 years before deciding to stay home with our daughters. Since then, I have had the opportunity to be involved in volunteering for many of the wonderful events and activities Butler has to offer. I began by volunteering for the Butler Art Appreciation program and continued on to volunteer for book fairs, classroom parties, treat days, and more.

I consider myself so fortunate to be a part of the Butler family.It truly is an amazing school with such a dedicated and devoted staff. I am excited to join this extraordinary PTO board and work alongside the team to help create a wonderful experience for the children and families of Butler School.

Karen Novak, Fundraising Coordinator

My name is Karen Novak, and I am honored to hold the position of Butler’s PTO Fundraising Coordinator!  My husband Pete and I have lived in Lockport for 15 years and our twins, Natalie and Peter, will be in 4th grade at Butler School.  Over the past four years, I have had the opportunity to volunteer for numerous classroom parties and have truly enjoyed assisting on several PTO events this year including, The Spelling Challenge, The Neon Jam, Dueling for Butler, and The Butler Block Party.  I work full time, but truly enjoy volunteering whenever possible.  Aside from assisting at Butler, I am also the Fundraising Chairperson and Co-Director of Concessions for the Lockport Jr. Porters Pop Warner Football and Cheer program that our children participate in.  I am truly honored to take on this position and continue to make Butler the best school in 33C.  Butler’s PTO has a reputation of being the “best of the best!” Working within the LJP Organization has allowed me to talk with families and PTO members from other districts and it is well known that Butler Families do whatever it takes to ensure that our school always rises to the top!  As I fulfill this position, I promise to do my best to ensure this tradition continues!

Kristin Taphorn, Communications Coordinator   


 I am very excited to serve the Butler PTO as the Communications Coordinator.  My husband Brad and I have been married for over eleven years and are the proud parents of two active boys, Anderson (8) and Christian (6). Two of the most important reasons my husband and I chose to make our home in Lockport ten years ago was District 33c’s reputation for having an outstanding school system and strong community ties. I thrilled to be able to contribute more to support our school and community at this time by serving as the PTO Communications Coordinator. 

Currently, I enjoy volunteering for PTO events and as classroom volunteers in both Schilling and Butler school classrooms including in the Art Appreciation program.  I also work as the Regional Assistant Director for Admissions for Wartburg College, and I am completing my Master's in Communication and Leadership from Northwestern University.  

 Among my favorite pastimes, I enjoy running, and I am training for the Chicago Marathon, cooking, traveling, and of course, spending time with my family.             

Once again, I am honored to serve you as the Butler PTO Communications Coordinator. I am a true believer in the importance of having a quality educational system and I will contribute to that effort by using my skills and background to provide effective and seamless communication.

Denise Yaeger, Staff Liaison 

My name is Denise Yaeger and I am the Butler PTO Staff Liaison.   I have worked at Butler School for over 14 years and have volunteered with the PTO each year.   I have been the Media Center Assistant for the past twelve years, and was the 2nd grade reading aide before that.  I throughly enjoy my job and feel that the Butler staff, students and their families are simply the best! One of my favorite memories at Butler is when we do “Ghoul School” in the library for the students! Every year the students look forward to it, and it brings me great joy to see the excitement in their faces!

My husband, Keith, and I are the proud parents of five children, all of them adults now.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and reading.